DJ 2nd Nature

Some say he's the Godfather of video mixing, and anyone who sees his explosive shows will understand why. DJ 2ndNature has been a long-time fan of G-Technology because when pushing the envelope he's found it to be the most reliable storage solution.

"My work flow varies by the scope and the deliverable of the media or performance. Typically, I start with pop culture videos and audio research, from there I edit the found material in ProTools, remixing, composing, and producing the audio before moving onto Final Cut Pro for video and graphics. Once video is complete, the final cut goes back to ProTools for final sound design. If the video is for a performance it will get compressed into MP4 to be triggered and spun from Serato Video."

"I've used a G-RAID ® mini on the road for years and traveling with hard drives for over 20 years. I have used countless drives from a range of manufacturers, without question, the G-RAID mini has been the best and most reliable drive I have owned."

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