Nino Leitner

Nino Leitner is a film director, DP and producer currently living in Vienna, Austria and specializes mainly in documentaries, commercials and corporate films.
"Data needs to be accessible within a fraction of a second, no matter what – and that’s where nothing else compares to G-Technology."

Nino Leitner is a Director of Photography, Filmmaker and Producer based in Vienna, Austria and focus on documentaries, corporate films and commercials. Nino’s clients have included Adidas, Puma, Audi, Red Bull, and most of the major German and Austrian television broadcasters. Nino is active in education and teaches master classes in film technique focusing creativity as part of the filmmaking process and hosts an informative blog on filmmaking.

Being a DP means shooting a variety of cameras ranging from HD-DSLRs Sony’s FS700, NEX-5N and up to the Canon C300, Arri Alexa and RED Epic for 4K productions. Still involved directly in Post-Production, Nino works in Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7 and are currently also looking into Premiere Pro CS6. A lot of post production is still done in Adobe After Effects as well and so for Nino, the video storage issue is one that is constantly changing and getting more demanding by the day – it’s absolutely essential to secure and backup data, but it gets more difficult as file sizes increase by the day.

“The thing about technology is that it simply has to work. It has to get out of the way of the creative process, and the gear needs to be reliable, intuitive and efficient – and that can’t be said of everything out there. I phase out the technology in the creative process as much as I can – and that’s hard to do because filmmaking is a highly technical process. It is absolutely essential to stay focused on what your film project is actually about, and people tend to get caught up in technical details too much. That’s also true for workflows in post production and during shoots – with the massive amounts of data we produce every day, there needs to be an efficient and effective process in place to cope with the data and also create automatic back-ups. And that’s where G-Technology comes in.”

Nino says that one of the biggest challenges in filmmaking in general nowadays is the incredible and ever-increasing amount of data being produced day in and day out. It’s hard to stay organized with standard solutions of individual hard drives and swapping them out all the time. And it can be absolutely deadly to forgetting to back up data for only one day. Also, data needs to be accessible within a fraction of a second, and that’s where nothing else compares to effective RAID solutions from G-Technology.

“G-RAID with Thunderbolt will allow us to edit native footage right out on the shoot without transcoding to proxy files. A true time-saver which gives a lot of possibilities that weren’t there before. Nit-picking clients can be satisfied right on the spot with a DIT or editor going through the footage that was just shot – even if it’s ProRes 4444 from an Alexa or REDRAW from a RED Epic which is great and unheard-of in the past.”