@DaniLMebius The G-Drive ev ATC has a 3 year warranty. You can get a replacement for your ATC case by creating an R…
@GTechnologyEUR @Lord_Bird You may need to click on Options and ensure that "Share files and folders using SMB" is enabled
@GTechnologyEUR @Lord_Bird Hi @Lord_Bird to access files over your LAN, you would have to set it up in the Sharing…
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G-Technology Warranty - Packaging Instructions

Before sending any shipment to G-Technology, you MUST secure a Return Material Authorization (RMA) approval. Any shipment received without an RMA will be returned to you at your cost.

G-Technology must receive your product within 30 days of the RMA issue date, or your RMA will be cancelled.

G-Technology products must be returned with secure and sufficient packaging to protect the products from possible damage during transit. Your warranty will be voided if product(s) is received as a result of inadequate packaging.

Product Inspection Checklist

Inspect your product thoroughly as all warranty claims will be voided if product is received with the following:

  • Foreign material on the product (e.g., adhesive, oil, dirt, gum, permanent markings)
  • Damaged, modified, opened or dented product
  • Damaged during transport as a result of inadequate packaging
  • Missing parts (e.g., screws, interface cards, etc.)
  • Evidence of tampering (e.g., broken seals, labels removed or torn), except work performed by data recovery service
  • Covered breather holes

For G-Technology Products with non-removable Hard Disk Drives

Please send back with your RMA:

  • External Drive Assembly.
  • Power Adapter.
  • All interface cables that came with your product (USB, FireWire, Mini-SAS and Thunderbolt cable if included in your product).

For G-Technology Products with removable Hard Disk Drives

Please send back only the defective part of the unit as follows:

  • Chassis (G-DOCK, G-RAID Removable, G-RAID Studio, G-SPEED Studio, G-SPEED Studio XL and G-SPEED Q): Send back the empty chassis by itself.
  • ev Removable Cartridge (G-DRIVE ev, G-DRIVE ev SSD, G-DRIVE ev 220, G-Drive ev ATC): Please only return the ev cartridge and the USB cable.
  • Removable Drive (G-RAID Removable, G-RAID Studio, G-SPEED Studio, G-SPEED Studio XL and G-SPEED Q): Please remove bare hard disk drive from the drive sled and send only the bare hard disk drive in. How to remove drive sled from bare hard disk drive.
  • ATC Case: Please send only the case with attached cable.

For the G-DRIVE ev RaW, please send back all interface cables that attach to the defective product, but DO NOT include the blue ev RaW rubber bumper.

G-Technology requires you to send back only the defective part of the product. Note: Customers who have the G-Speed ES and G-Speed ES Pro, please DO NOT return the RAID controller card unless the RAID controller is defective.

Note: you will not receive your original product back, but rather a replacement unit with the balance of the warranty period.

Partial return of requested accessories may delay or impact your ability to claim warranty on the returned product.

Packaging for G-Technology Products

Please use the original packaging when possible or G-Technology acceptable packaging that provides equivalent protection to ship your product. Consult our acceptable packaging and unacceptable packaging guides.

  • Use 2 inch thick foam cushioning to secure the product on all sides during the shipment. When shipping more than one product, ensure that the products do not touch and are cushioned individually.
  • DO NOT use foam peanuts, cloth, paper or newspaper or padded envelopes.
  • Use a corrugated cardboard box for the exterior packaging.
  • Use of a traceable carrier (e.g., UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS) that can provide proof of delivery is strongly recommended.
  • When returning G-Technology products where a bare hard disk drive is being returned, please enclose in an anti-static electrostatic discharge (ESD) bag.

The use of non-approved packaging will void your warranty.

Address Labels and Multiple Boxes

The address label from your RMA email notification can be cut and taped to the outside of each box to be used as a mailing label. Otherwise, clearly write all shipping information and the RMA number clearly on your package when returning your product to G-Technology.

Multiple RMA’s may be shipped in one shipment, provided that each RMA is individually packaged and marked with the box along with all RMA numbers listed on the outside of the box(es). Ensure that the product DO NOT touch and are cushioned individually.

About your Replacement Product

You will receive a replacement product with the balance of the warranty period or 90 days, whichever is greater. Al data on your returned product will be erased, if possible, or the product will be destroyed. Please seek data recovery if desired, before requesting an RMA from G-Technology.